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7 perfekte Stauden für den faulen Gärtner


7 Perfekte Stauden für den faulen Gärtner – Wenn Sie einen wartungsarmen Garten suchen, der immer noch schön aussieht, dann brauchen Sie einige dieser Stauden, die perfekt für "faule" Gärtner sind. Sie verleihen Ihrem Garten so viel wundervolle Farbe und Duft! | pflegeleichte Pflanzen, pflegeleichte Landschaftsgestaltung, pflegeleichte Pflanzen im Freien, # Gartenarbeiten # Stauden

. The first ingredient to add to the boiling water is the brewing yeast that you bought just for this purpose. The yeast will have specific instructions but in essence you will mix the yeast with piping hot tap water and stir it in a separate pot or pan until it becomes a thick paste.
. You can prepare the yeast while the water boils and when it’s ready, add the mixture to the water.
. Once the yeast is mixed in well, add the malt extract that you bought for this brewing process. Make sure the malt is mixed in well and dissolved before moving on.
. Hops will come as pellets when you bought them from the supplier so add them when the water is boiling again and allow the entire mixture to boil for another five minutes.
. During this preparation time, get your fermenting equipment sanitized and ready to go. As the brewing process approaches completion, fill the fermenter about three quarters full with cold water from the tap.
. The strong beer you have boiled is called the “wort” which is now ready for fermenting. Pour the hot wort into the cold water in the fermenter. What you are looking for is an end result of five gallons of mixture in the fermenter so if you don’t find you are at that level, add more water.

The brewing process is done and you can follow the directions for fermenting that are provided with the equipment or that you learn from other resources about the fine art of fermenting beer. Now it’s just a matter of letting nature do what it does to ferment your beer. Enjoy the anticipation as you allow the fermenting to continue and then enjoy the flavor of your very own first batch of home brewed beer.


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